Welcome to My Pink Heart. com and thank you for taking the time to visit. This site has been established to honor the most precious gift that I’ve had in this life; my wife of nearly 34 years, wonderful Miss Wendy Jo Blakely R.N. At 54 years of age a dreadful illness, stage 4 pancreatic cancer, snuck up and stole the remainder of Wendy’s life from her. It robbed her of the opportunity to be a grandmother and to see her two children be married. It stole her mother’s baby daughter, her children’s loving mother and my best friend, soul mate and reason for existence. My right hand, my confidant, my dove. It took the better part of me. And it robbed the world of the most caring, loving soul that ever walked with humble steps.

It is because the devastation of pancreatic cancer has touched our family that I feel called (as Wendy would be) to try to aid others facing this horrible disease by helping to raise awareness and research funding needed to fight back against pancreatic cancer. To do this, I have chosen to establish the Wendy Jo Blakely Je t’aime Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund as a permanent endowment in the Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Medicine, in Wendy’s memory.

The Wendy Jo Blakely Je t’aime Fund will help to provide critical support needed to advance research in early detection and improved treatment options for patients battling this devastating disease as Wendy did. Why Johns Hopkins? I chose to establish a permanent endowment at Johns Hopkins because it leads the way in pancreatic cancer research and 100% of donations it receives go to research and education.

To learn more about pancreatic cancer research in Department of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Medicine, please visit the Johns Hopkins Department of Pathology’s Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center website at http://pathology.jhu.edu/pc/.

Our goal, and my profound wish, is to raise at least $100,000 to fully fund the endowment and to see that Wendy’s name lives on, to help and to give, the same way she did in life.

And she did so in passing as well. Wendy chose to donate her earthly body to science. To fulfill her wishes, within hours of her passing, I had to place the call to Medcure to come and take the body of my precious baby away. A task that was very difficult for me to do. Wendy and I had previously discussed this, and I assured her that it would be done. I will likely follow her example when my time comes.

So thank you all again for your visit. Please take the time to look through all that we have, especially about Wendy with pics and videos. Runs are being organized as well as other fundraisers, and information on those can be found on our Events page. Please visit often and share our site with your contacts. We invite all and hope that many will join us to participate in fundraising events. And we express our deepest gratitude to all who donate to help build Wendy’s fund at Johns Hopkins. Every contribution is a strike back at pancreatic cancer which cheated us all out of precious time with our beautiful Wendy. Your generosity keeps her loving, giving spirit alive and I’m sure gives her soul pleasure. May Wendy’s gentle breeze blow your way.

Thank you,